In this exhibition, we demonstrated the clothes that transforms by Liquid Pouch Motors filled with low-boiling point liquid. The flower corsages attached to the dresses close in 1 minute and bloom in 2 minutes. In addition, the color of flowers keeps changing according to deformation of the corsages, due to a spectroscopic material that shifts color depending on the reflection angle. Sound turns around 4 dresses as hands of clock turn, while music inspired by 4 season shifts every 1 hour.
Photo & Movie ©ANREALAGE 
Selected Publication
A LIVE UN LIVE, 六本木クロッシング2019展: つないでみる, 2019.
Liquid Pouch Motors by Hiroki Sato, Young Ah Seong, Koya Narumi, Ryuma Niiyama, Yoshihiro Kawahara
Light Interaction Design by Rhizomatiks Research
Flower by アトリエ染花
Sound Direction by 山口一郎 (Sakanaction/NF), 青山翔太郎 (NF)
Mannequin by 株式会社七彩
Selected Press & Media
ANREALAGE press release
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