Despite the recent trend of computational origami for human-computer interaction (HCI) and digital fabrication, it is still difficult for designers to complete a series of design, simulation, and fabrication of objects leveraging computational origami theory. In this paper, we propose Crane, an integrated origami design platform implemented with Grasshopper. With this platform, users can seamlessly (1) design the 2D and 3D crease pattern, (2) simulate 3D folding transformation from the given crease pattern, (3) inversely find a new pattern under design constraints, (4) thicken the 2D pattern into a 3D volume along with the appropriate hinge structures for different fabrication methods, and (5) optionally connect the resulting design to other Rhinoceros or Grasshopper plugins for post-processes. To help understand how to use our system and demonstrate its feasibility, we showed three examples of origami products designed using our system. We also reported user feedback from the workshop as an evaluation.
Crane was applied to the Steam Stretch garments in collaboration with A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE and Nature Architects, Inc. in Milan Design Week 2023.
BEYOND THE SHAPE:「一枚の布」とメタマテリアルが可能にする未来 

Press Release by Nature Architects, Inc. (in Japanese)

designboom (in English)

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