poimo is a new mobility combining personal mobility and soft robotics technology, which is soft, safe, and lightweight enough for people to carry. Users can ride it on and off anywhere. This mobility aims at supporting the first mile / last mile and connecting public transportation and destinations seamlessly. To reduce the weight of its body along with its inflatable structure, we have developed a wireless / batteryless powering system suitable for this mobility in cooperation with the wireless power transfer group.
We also implemented an interactive design system that can scan the user's desired riding posture to generate a customized personal mobility device and can add the user's shape and color preferences. To demonstrate the custom-design capability and mobility, we designed several 3D models using our system and built physical samples for two basic templates: a motorcycle and a wheelchair. Finally, we conducted an online user study to examine the usability of the design system and share lessons learned for further improvements in the design and fabrication of poimo.​​​​​​​
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