Inkjet 4D Print, developed by a research group led by The University of Tokyo, is the world’s first technology that allows a sheet printed with an inkjet printer to automatically transform into any three-dimensional form when exposed to heat. The special heat-reactive base sheet transforms into a three-dimensional origami tessellation, digitally designed in advance, when placed in water of around 70 degrees Celsius.
The expressions of the structural color inkjet technology, a proprietary technology developed by Fujifilm Corporation, have been developed in this sheet to make it possible to express both multiple colors and various origami folds at the same time.
In the first iteration of this project, A–POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE introduces various shaped accessories, such as bracelets and rings, formed from one sheet. Through heat exposure, the flat sheet transforms into a three-dimensional form, completing its final design. We aim to create items that embody the surprise and joy that A–POC brings by allowing wearers to participate in the final stage of the design process.
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- Special exhibition “A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE: So the Journey Continues TYPE-VIII Kenta Umemoto project,”

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- Pen Magazine June 2024 (Japanese)
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